How do I place an order?

Find your favorite SNURK in our webshop and add it in your preferred size to your shopping cart. Go to the shopping cart and follow the steps in the checkout to place your order: if you want you can create an account, enter your address details, choose your payment method, confirm your order and comply with payment. Your order is then placed and you will receive an order confirmation via e-mail.

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Can I still change or cancel my order?

Have you placed an order through our webshop, but accidentally made a mistake? Respond as soon as you receive the order confirmation via e-mail by replying to this e-mail. If the package has not been sent yet, it’s no problem to change or cancel your order.
 After receiving your package, you can also return your items to SNURK.

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Can I order from abroad?

Yes, SNURK ships worldwide. Make sure you order the correct duvet cover size by selecting the correct country at the top of the page or send an email to shop@snurkamsterdam.com. Unfortunately we don't ship to Russia and Brazil.

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I can’t select a certain size, what does that mean?

If a certain size can’t be selected, it unfortunately means that this variant is sold out and is no longer available.

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I have problems ordering online, what should I do?

Are you having trouble ordering in our webshop? It can help to change your browser or delete your cookies. Still having problems with ordering? Please send an e-mail to shop@snurkamsterdam.com. 

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I accidentally placed a duplicate order, how can I cancel it?

If you have accidentally placed a duplicate order via the webshop, contact us as soon as possible. Respond as soon as you receive the order confirmations via e-mail by replying to one of these confirmations and let us know that you have accidentally ordered twice. If the packages have not been sent yet, we will of course cancel your second order and give you a full refund.
 If the packages have already been sent, you can return one of the packages to SNURK.

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I have not received an order confirmation, what should I do?

Within a few minutes of placing your order, you will receive an order confirmation in your inbox. Did you not receive an order confirmation? The e-mail may have ended up in the spam box or junk mail folder. If the order confirmation is indeed marked as spam, add our e-mail address to your Safe Senders list. This will ensure that in the future our e-mails will always end up in your regular inbox.

If the order confirmation is not in Junk Mail, please contact us via shop@snurkamsterdam.com. 

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What payments options can I use?

You can pay securely with us via the following payment methods: Creditcars, Sofort Banking, PayPal, Apple Pay and the SNURK Gift Card.

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Do the prices include VAT?

Yes, all prices listed on this website are including VAT.

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I transferred money but haven’t received anything yet?

With a money transaction, there is the possibility that it takes a few days before the payment is in our account. If you think it really takes too long, please contact shop@snurkamsterdam.com.

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Delivery (time)
What is the delivery time when an item is not in stock?

We try to keep the bedding assortment in stock as completely as possible, but unfortunately this is not always possible. The delivery time for items that are temporarily sold out is a week.

How long after ordering do I receive my SNURK?

When your item is in stock, we will ship your package within 1 business day. In Europe, standard delivery times are generally between 1 and 3 days. For information about delivery time outside Europe, please contact shop@snurkamsterdam.com.

What are the shipping costs to my country?

For orders outside the Netherlands and Belgium you pay fixed shipping costs.

Germany: € 6,95

United Kingdom: € 9,95

Australia: € 19,95

All other countries: € 14,95

Can I track my package?

Yes, you can. As soon as we pass your package to GLS or FedEx, you will receive an e-mail with a track & trace code. This allows you to track the delivery of your package. 

Can I have my order delivered somewhere else?

Yes, you can enter a different shipping address than your billing address. For example, you can have your order delivered to your work or to someone else (perfect for gifts!). 

Do you ship to my country?

Yes, we ship worldwide. Please be aware that all countries have different duvet cover sizes, so make sure you order the right size.

Unfortunately we don't ship to Brazil.

Do you live in Russia? Please order from our friends of SNURK Russia via their website snurkrussia.ru. 

Do you live in the US? Please order from our friends of SNURK USA via their website snurkliving.com. 

What can I do if an item is missing from my order?

Of course our sincere apologies if your order is delivered incomplete. Contact us at shop@snurkamsterdam.com and we will ensure that the missing items is sent to you as soon as possible.

I ordered the wrong size or I regret my purchase. What should I do now?

Things like that can happen. If you have not yet unpacked and washed the product, you can change it within 30 days of purchase. We will give you your money back, but we unfortunately do not cover the shipping costs outside the Netherlands. Please mail shop@snurkamsterdam.com and send your package back to us.


Cruquiusweg 96-S

1019 AJ Amsterdam

The Netherlands

Don’t forget to mention your name, address, order number and reason for return.

I haven’t received a return form with my order, what should I do now?

Returning your items from outside the Netherlands is at your own expense and therefore no return form is provided. Please send an email to shop@snurkamsterdam.com and we will email you the return instructions.

Can I return sale items?

Yes, that’s possible. However, the shipping costs for returning the items are at your own expense.

Are there any costs associated with returning?

Within the Netherlands, returns are free of charge. We deliver a return sticker with your order, which you can use to return the package.
Outside the Netherlands, returns are at your own expense.

How do I get my refund after returning?

We will refund you the same way your order was paid.

How long is the warranty on an item?

SNURK products are made with love and attention for you. Every product has a legal guarantee that the product must do or be what you as a customer can reasonably expect.

If you have a complaint about an item, we of course want to solve this with you. Please contact us via shop@snurkamsterdam.com. This is also possible if you have purchased a SNURK product in another store or webshop.

There is no guarantee on products where damage has been caused by improper use or treatment, wear after frequent use of when the guarantee is misused.

There’s something wrong with my SNURK. Can I change it?

If by any change your products have a damage or other mistake, please mail to shop@snurkamsterdam.com. We read your feedback and take this into consideration. If everything indicates a poorly produced product, you can return the item at our expense and we’ll send you a new one. Unfortunately, we don’t accept returns with a damage occurred by washing the item incorrectly. 

Questions about bedding
What size duvet cover do I need?

Information about our duvet cover sizes can be found on the ‘Find your duvet cover size’ page. You will also find a size chart for each item on the product page with information about our duvet cover sizes.

Which bedding material should I choose?

Our bedding is made of 100% cotton. But cotton comes in different types and qualities. SNURK only uses percale and percaline cotton, depending on the print. This means that there are at least 160 thread counts per inch (percale a minimum of 220 counts). In other words, a weave density that is much higher than used in most common cotton bedding (often 100 counts). This makes SNURK cotton more durable, softer and smoother. 

We also offer part of our collection in flannel cotton. Flannel is a type of cotton made with a different weaving technique than normal cotton. It is made of loose spun yarn, woven in a twill weave. In addition, flannel is lightly roughened, creating a downy layer. This layer ensures that the material feels soft and offers extra warmth. The secret of SNURK's flannel is the fact that we let the fabric be roughened on both sides, so the duvet cover feels twice as soft and fluffy (180 grams per m2). Flannel bedding is therefore perfect for the cold winter months.

Is money donated to charity if I buy your products?

Only for the Le-Clochard and Le-Trottoir designs. But for these two designs we donate a large part of the revenue. We have already donated over € 88.500,- to SZN (updated March 2019)
And for each sold Crane Birds and Paper Zoo bedding set € 1,- is donated to Cancer Center Amsterdam, where cancer research is done to find new medicine and better treatment (update March 2019: €2.000,-).

Where and how is SNURK bedding produced?

Our production takes place in Portugal. There they have access to the best quality cotton and printing techniques. Also, no child labor and everybody working on a SNURK works under good conditions for a fair salary. We are closely involved in the production process and regularly visit the factory and sewing atelier. 

I lost my pillowcase and now my duvet cover set is no longer a set. What should I do?

All our pillowcases can also be ordered separately in our webshop. You find the pillowcase listed as a single pillowcase at 'select a size' on the product page of our bedding. Or send an email to shop@snurkamsterdam.com.

How's the image printed on the bedding?

This is done by screen printing. This creates a very sharp image that stays nice and smooth because the ink is pressed directly into the cotton. We also print more and more of our duvet covers digitally, which ensures an even sharper and more realistic print.

Can I wash my SNURK duvet covers?

Of course. If you turn your duvet cover inside out for washing (at 40 degrees Celsius) the image will remain beautiful even after frequent washing. Our bedding can also be put in the dryer. Included in the package of the bedding you'll find extensive washing instructions. 

How's the bedding packaged?


The bedding is packaged in a sturdy, transparent plastic ziplock bag with a cardboard inlay with a large picture of the design. It will look great at a birthday party. Please add the wrapping paper yourself. 

Questions about clothing
What clothing size do I need?

Information about our clothing sizes can be found on the ‘Find your clothing size’ page. You’ll also find a size chart with the exact dimensions of the garment for each item on the product page.

Where and how is SNURK clothing produced?

Our production takes place in Portugal. There they have access to the best quality cotton and printing techniques. Also, no child labor and everybody working on a SNURK works under good conditions for a fair salary. We are closely involved in the production process and regularly visit the factory and sewing atelier. All our clothing items are GOTS-certified. 

Do you have stores?

SNURK doesn’t have its own stores, only an office and warehouse on the Cruquiusweg 96S in Amsterdam. Do you want to come and collect or exchange something at our office? Please make an appointment via shop@snurkamsterdam.com.

: Stores
Where can I find a point of sale near me?

With our store locator you can easily find a SNURK point of sale near you.

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Service & Contact
How can I contact you?

SNURK is available on workdays from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

You can call us: +31 20 75 10 954

You can email us: shop@snurkamsterdam.com

If you prefer to send a letter, feel free to send it to:


Cruquiusweg 96S

1019AJ Amsterdam

The Netherlands

How can I file a complaint?

We really try our best to make every SNURK customer happy. With quality products and good service. Of course, things sometimes go wrong or there are things that could be improved. If we do not realize that, please let us know via shop@snurkamsterdam.com.

My question isn't answered here.

Please send an email with your question to shop@snurkamsterdam.com. We will try to answer you as quickly as possible.

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