Which bedding material should I choose?

Our bedding is made of 100% cotton. But cotton comes in different types and qualities. SNURK only uses percale and percaline cotton, depending on the print. This means that there are at least 160 thread counts per inch (percale a minimum of 220 counts). In other words, a weave density that is much higher than used in most common cotton bedding (often 100 counts). This makes SNURK cotton more durable, softer and smoother. 

We also offer part of our collection in flannel cotton. Flannel is a type of cotton made with a different weaving technique than normal cotton. It is made of loose spun yarn, woven in a twill weave. In addition, flannel is lightly roughened, creating a downy layer. This layer ensures that the material feels soft and offers extra warmth. The secret of SNURK's flannel is the fact that we let the fabric be roughened on both sides, so the duvet cover feels twice as soft and fluffy (180 grams per m2). Flannel bedding is therefore perfect for the cold winter months.